• Integrating a set of optimal welding heads in terms of technology and size, ensuring that a variety of beam sizes can be welded.
  • Using 2-wire 2 independent arc welding technology with 04 (or 08) Artsen CM500R Megmeet welding sources, with a large welding data system, automatically calculating welding parameters. Optimum user action on the touch screen control panel.
  • Application of Tandem MIG welding technology under the drug layer for fast welding speed, high weld quality. Welding source is a source for robots with many advantages such as wide input voltage range, stability, and durability.
  • The wire feed of the welding source has an Encoder that controls the wire speed, making the welding current stable and the highest quality weld.
  • Pre-installed welding DATA kit, maximum support during operation, easy training of operators, optimizing labor costs.
  • Equipped with user data monitoring to help evaluate work efficiency. Measure parameters of welding meters, welding time, machine downtime for each production shift.
  • The machine has built-in Ethernet IP connection to connect to SCADA or MES systems. The data in the machine will be sent to the server to give aggregates and display reports by shift/day/month/quarter