Following the success of the ‘Technology Day 2023’, Bruco’s solution for robotically enhancing weld stiffness continued to be introduced by Weldcom to customers in the southern region at the 12th Metal & Weld International Exhibition.

During the event, Mr. Tô Văn Sơn, Head of the Robot and Automation Department at Weldcom, presented at the seminar titled ‘Application of Automated Welding Robots in Steel Structures’. In his presentation, Mr. Sơn emphasized that employing robots for enhancing weld stiffness is an optimal choice for steel structure enterprises with medium to large production volumes seeking to automate post-steel beam shaping processes, reducing labor time, costs, and increasing productivity.

Specifically, when employing steel structure welding robots, the product’s quality ensures aesthetic appeal, uniformity, beautiful welds, deep penetration, and precise welding line adjustment by the robot, with a maximum error of 0.05mm. Moreover, this solution aids investors in addressing the economic equation of production costs. With a reasonable initial investment, the welding station helps save labor costs due to continuous 24/7 operations (on average, one technician can operate 4-6 robots), accurately controlled consumable material costs, thus avoiding wastage.

Demo Robot welding stiffening rib Bruco at the ‘Weldcom Technology Day 2023’

Particularly, during the ‘teaching robot’ stage (programming the robot), businesses can significantly save time with the automated stiffening rib welding solution from Bruco. The robot uses a 3D camera, automatically scans the workpiece, processes the images, and sends data to the computer. With the specialized ‘Smart Weld’ software, technicians only need to perform simple operations, select the weld path on the computer to ‘teach the robot,’ saving up to 80% of the time compared to the usual ‘teaching robot’ method.

Below is a video comparing the speed of the ‘teaching robot’:

The Bruco stiffening rib welding robot solution saves about 4 times the time of manual teaching robot methods (not including idle welding time). Additionally, the ‘Smart Weld’ software comes integrated with a library of welding parameters suitable for various types of beams, from simple to complex

The Bruco stiffening rib welding robot is capable of welding various beam configurations. A Bruco stiffening rib welding station typically includes a control unit, Smart Weld software, 3D camera, welding gun, 2 Bruco 2000 welding robots, a sliding rail system, and the Megmeet ARTSEN PM500F welding power source. With a working range of 19×1.2×0.3m, it allows for welding flange faces, beam stiffeners, and other large or confined dimensions.

Weldcom is committed to providing customer support, including operation training and a 12-month warranty for the Bruco stiffening rib welding station. For more detailed information about the Bruco structural steel automation solution, please contact our hotline at 1900 9410.

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