• BZJ2000-S1 Plus has a smart welding controller with interactive touch screen which is capable to program, manage information, store
    data, connect Ethernet and report errors…
  • BZJ2000-S1 is preinstalled a set of welding / assembling parameters data. Thus, the operation process is more convenient and limits
    errors when installing by operators.
  • BZJ2000-S1 has a monitoring user funtion to help evaluate performance.
  • Centering pulling rod system includes 4 rollers (press flange) and 8 rollers (press web), moves by screw and slider to get high accuracy.
  • Guide roller of compression cylinder is designed large size, strong, stable and easy to adjust.
  • Welding torch is located at the optimal position, as a result, the assembly point is very accurate.
  • Torch clamping device is designed strong and flexible ensure that the assembly point is always in the right position.
  • The main motor locates under the machine body to save space and keep safely when operating.
  • Hydraulic system is compact with only 160L oil tank.
  • 30% higher productivity compared to normal machines