BRUCO specializes in researching, manufacturing, providing equipment, and designing solutions for metal processing plants. BRUCO’s products are highly applicable, focusing on design, control, and connectivity to align with Industry 4.0 manufacturing technologies. BRUCO holds a strong advantage in the machinery solutions field for steel structure manufacturing, automotive, and motorcycle industries, while also expanding into specialized sectors. With a highly skilled workforce and extensive experience, BRUCO is confident in delivering the most efficient machinery and equipment solutions, meeting the increasingly demanding needs of domestic and international customers.


Continuously improving the material and spiritual lives of our labor force, ensuring happiness for every individual working at Bruco.

Bringing success to our customers through innovative, efficient, and user-friendly metal processing solutions.

Constructing an innovative, integrated bridge to transform the global steel structure manufacturing industry towards better service for humanity



Thoughts, words, and actions aligned with the truth.

Taking responsibility for one’s words, attitude, and actions.

Being straightforward, honest, and learning from mistakes.


Adhering to standards, laws, company procedures, and regulations.

Punctuality, meeting commitments, and deadlines.

Keeping promises and honoring commitments.


Treating the company’s money as one’s own.

Constantly seeking more economical and efficient work solutions.

Savings for oneself, the company, customers, and society.


Diligent work and continuous learning to foster creativity.

Sharing ideas, knowledge, and fostering a creative synergy.

Continuously seeking solutions that provide exceptional benefits for customers.


Grateful to parents, family, customers, and those who have helped the company.

Thankfulness to colleagues and previous generations for their contributions.

Commitment to Operating the ISO 9001 – 2015 System

Commitment to operating the quality management system according to ISO 9001 – 2015 standards for continuous improvement in management capability, product quality, and services aimed at smart technology, ensuring the most optimal economic efficiency for customers.

Quality is our pride

Executing the mission of ‘Contributing to narrowing the technological gap in the metal processing industry between Vietnam and advanced countries worldwide’ through the quality of each product detail, section, production process, and collaborative work interaction. Quality is our honor.

Training and Applying Strict Principles

Continuously developing high-quality, well-rounded, professional, and courteous individuals through ongoing training and the comprehensive application of the ISO 9001 – 2015 standard procedures within the factory premises, for customers, and partners.

BRUCO's Smart Steel Structure Mechanical Equipment Manufacturing Plant